Paul and I were continually impressed how every single person we worked with during the trip showed up on time, usually up to 1/2 hour early, delivered the services they were contracted to deliver with professionalism, knowledge and a good sense of humor. They were flexible to meet our needs.It was amazing that everyone delivered, not just some. You seem to have developed a finely tuned business with reliable contacts at every location. For anyone looking to travel in Argentina or Chile, we would highly recommend you.In Ushuaia, when Marty has his problem, Sabrina was wonderful. From the time of the problem on the trail of the park, she responded quickly requiring her to run the the trails multiple times to get back to the bay and then back to where Marty was to make sure help for Marty came in a timely manner. .. Sabrina stayed with us until it was clear that Marty was fit to go. She was enormously kind. ..Spare rooms in Ushuaia aren’t easily found in the high season and rooms were found for us. Fortunately we didn’t need them.The whole trip was truly impressively run.
Thanks so much for doing such a good job for us.

Paul & Heidi Cavagnolo – USA

We had a wonderful time. Everything worked as a clock! the guides were great: Marcelo in Buenos Aires, Carina in Puerto Madryn and Sabrina in Ushuaia. Even the weather cooperated! For sure we are going to recommend your agency. Do please send us several of your brochures so we can distribute among our friends and colleagues at work.Thank you again for organizing such a beautiful tour and we are looking forward to more adventures.

Silvia Schmelzer – Illinois,USA

This was a trip of a lifetime! I have been telling anyone who will listen about the experience. I hope I can encourage others to visit and I hope to get back with my husband and daughter. We could not have asked for a better guide. We had our own private tour. Everything went so smooth! Thank you for arranging a great trip!Thanks!!!!

Beverly Evancic – Florida, USA

How lucky I was to have found Patagonia Travel Adventures on the Internet. What a trip you planned for us! We will all have these memories and pictures with us forever. It was wonderful having Marcello with us. The plan went like clockwork but with different personalities, Marcello was there in case we needed some immediate changes. I have you both to thank for creating this very special adventure. I look forward to sharing your address with other friends and family and both Charles and I hope that we will again return, with your help, to Patagonia.Best regards to you and your family,

Susan Gessner – Massachusetts, USA

We want to thank you for all your help and hard work to organize our trip. We really were quite impressed with everything: the organization, the quality of the guides and the tours, the fact that it was basically a private tour for us! We didn’t really realize it would be so individualized, but loved that aspect of it…I was so glad that our Patagonia trip was the final leg of our two months in South America. It really was everything we expected it to be, if not more, and was the perfect way to end such a special trip for us. I would (and have already!) recommend it to anyone. I think it would be a really special trip for a family with older kids to do…Take care, and thanks again for all your great work on our behalf!

Molly King – Massachusetts, USA

Wow Elsa I am not sure where to begin to comment on our wonderful trip. Perhaps the most important was how safe and secure we felt in a foreign country. The hotels were very good. We were impressed by how clean they were. The staff were friendly and very personable. All the guides were a wealth of information. Not just about their part of the country but politics history and of course nature. I got my pictures developed and I got so many beautiful treasures. I would recommend this trip to any one. I think another really important factor was that the guides were willing to work at our pace. When we got to Ushuaia we were tired and we told Sabrina and she accommodated us and it was wonderful. One thing that we never considered was the wind. We couldn’t believe how it could almost blow us away. Again thank you so very much for a superb job

Gaylene Soloniuk and Bob Tays – California, USA

Sorry that we didn’t thank you sooner for your services in making our trip so special!It certainly was a happy surprise to meet Marcelo at the mirador and later at dinner. All of the pick ups and transfers went like clockwork, so you certainly have developed a fine network of local personnel. Thanks again to you both for your help. We’ll certainly know who to recommend to our friends for travel there.

Kaete and Dick – California, USA